Respite care at Holton Manor provides an opportunity for full-time caregivers to step away from their daily routine and take a break. A caregiver may need time to address a work issue or a personal medical need, or may just require some space for themselves. Respite care residents benefit from all the services and amenities available to full-time residents. Private rooms, dining options, therapy services, and community events and activities are all on the menu.

No matter how dedicated a caregiver is to providing for the needs of a loved one, a build up of stress and an excess of fatigue can impair one’s own health and well-being. Respite care is an ideal solution. Even a short stay can help a caregiver feel a sense of renewal. In addition, a fresh environment can be a welcome perk for your loved one, tool.

Take A
Well-Deserved Break

For people who provide regular care for their loved one, taking a break can be tough. While the rewards for providing full-time care at home can be considerable, the strain can take its toll both physically and emotionally. Whether a caregiver needs to leave town for business or simply needs some time to recharge, a break can make all the difference. A short-term respite stay at Holton Manor provides a refreshing change for both you and your loved one. The best part is, you can trust that your loved one is receiving the highest level of care possible while you’re away.

Curious to know more about scheduling short-term respite care for your loved one at Holton Manor? Contact us today for details on availability, services, and amenities.

Caregiver sitting with residents at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Resident and doctor having a medical checkup at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin


Resident and caretaker reading outside at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin


Nurse making a cup of tea for a resident at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin


Resident and daughter having fun during visiting hours at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin


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