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Person-Centered Care

At Holton Manor, we’re committed to enhancing the lives of those we serve – from the very first moment they walk through the door. Here, you or your loved one will discover the care, services, and supportive touch needed to live and feel your best. Holton Manor is a nonprofit community serving the needs of seniors and others through industry-leading, innovative care provided by a professional and caring staff of nurses, CNAs, support staff, and others.

Resident and nurse smiling for the camera at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Rehab Therapy
& Skilled Nursing

Rehabilitation therapies are often prescribed for people recovering from a serious injury, surgery, or other significant medical event and are intended to help participants gain strength and mobility to return as closely as possible to their previous level of ability. We offer a variety of types of rehabilitation therapy, and your doctor and rehabilitation therapist will work together to decide which therapy is best for you.

Skilled nursing at Holton Manor may be long- or short-term and offers person-centered medical care administered by our professional nursing staff and overseen by a Director of Nursing. Skilled nursing includes treatment for respiratory conditions, wound care, nursing after surgery or stroke, treatment for recovery from illness, injury or other medical conditions including terminal illness. Our compassionate nursing staff can provide residents with a variety of treatments that require the presence of a licensed nurse. Support staff also provides assistance with activities of daily living.


Long-term care at Holton Manor provides a variety of services to help meet the medical and non-medical needs of those with a chronic illness or condition, disability, terminal illness, or other condition who need extra care including memory support. Long-term care is focused on individualized services that promote independence, maximize quality of life, and meet individual needs on a more permanent basis.


Our nursing staff is supported by a caring team of certified nursing assistants who assist residents with activities of daily living such as hygiene and dressing, transfers, eating, companionship, and more.

Resident with smiling caregiver at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Resident being assisted with taking medication at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin


Respite care at Holton Manor is ideal for caregivers who need a little time away from their loved one. Whether you have an appointment, need to do some shopping, or are in need of a well-deserved vacation, respite care provides short-term coverage. When your loved one stays with us, they receive all the care they need, enjoy a private, furnished room, and have access to all the activities and amenities enjoyed by our full-time residents.

Caretaker holding the hand of a resident in hospice care at Holton Manor in Elkhorn, Wisconsin


Holton Manor provides peaceful and dignified end-of-life hospice care with 24-hour nursing care. Our nursing team works with doctors and your chosen hospice agency to develop a personalized care plan that helps manage pain and symptoms while also providing compassion, comfort, and a listening ear for both patients and their loved ones during this difficult time.

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