WISH Rising Stars Scholarship

Fall 2022 deadline to be announced

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To provide scholarship opportunities to those who want to begin or expand their education in the fields of health care, long term senior care or post-acute care (although not required for consideration).


The scholarship is open to all Wisconsin Illinois Senior Housing Inc. (WISH) employees and high school students in Wisconsin and Illinois.



WISH, a 501c3 nonprofit organization started in 1989, owns eight skilled nursing facilities, 10 assisted living facilities, one senior residential facility, and three home health agencies in Wisconsin and Illinois.

The WISH Rising Stars Scholarship Program was born out of COVID-19 in an effort to build something positive out of the trauma of a previously unknown, but potentially fatal virus.  Stories emerged of high school students applying for jobs at our facilities during the height of the pandemic because they wanted to help others despite the inherent risks.  These selfless individuals stood (and in many cases continue to stand) side-by-side with our staff, offering reassurance, comfort, friendship and exceptional care to residents at this crucial time when they are feeling confused, isolated and lonely as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

These stories of extraordinary staff propelled us to find a way to not only encourage high schoolers (who work for WISH or not) to look at the long term care field as a career choice, but also to encourage all WISH staff to expand their knowledge within the field and progress to more senior positions. 


We're grateful to and honor those who continue to bring excellence to senior care every day, especially during the difficult times of the pandemic.



Download the application form. Fill it out and follow the directions for submission. 


Deadline for applications for fall 2022 to be announced. 


  • Applicants must be an employee of WISH (any age) OR a Wisconsin or Illinois high school student with an interest in post-acute care or health care. 

  • Employees must be recommended by their supervisor and endorsed in writing by the facility administrator or their direct supervisor, OR by a principal and/or school counselor for high school students.

  • Applicants must submit the application form and a short (one page maximum) essay explaining your educational and professional goals. Indicate if you are currently attending college or have been accepted to college and include the name of the school. 

  • For WISH employees: Applicants may be from any position or department within the facility 

  • Willingness to work in long term care or post-acute care


Applications will be submitted to a committee comprised of one skilled nursing facility (SNF) representative, one assisted living (CBRF) representative, one public representative, one representative from Carriage Healthcare, and one representative from either the Certified Nursing Assistant Task Force or the Resident Assistant Council within WISH. 


The amount of funding for each approved scholarship will be determined by the selection committee and can range in size from $500 to $5,000.  


  • Applications ARE accepted and encouraged regardless of the field of study or regardless of the applicant's intent to stay within the post-acute care field.  Those two criteria might be considered in determining the amount of the scholarship but are not factors in whether or not a scholarship is granted. 

  • The exact number of scholarships will be determined based both on the number and quality of the applicants as well as available funds.  Initially, the fund will be able to grant at least 10 scholarships, but the intent is to add to the principal each year. 

  • Applications can be submitted at any time but may not be acted upon until the next meeting of the Selection Committee.  For consideration for high school graduates for 2021 graduation, applications must be received by March 31, 2021. Applications for people returning to school or considering career advancement (i.e. CNA to LPN or RN, or Dietary Aide to Dietary Manager), applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.


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